S.M.A.S.H. 3 / Details

S.M.A.S.H. 2016 Feb

Comica and the London Graphic Novel Network once again join forces to present S.M.A.S.H. in the Barbican Library: a comic, graphic and novel talkfest. 

Getting philosophical about the art of comics. Three subjects. Three panels. Informal chat – followed by a discussion with the audience. 

Ramsey Hassan (Zorse)
Alison Sampson (Genesis)
Mike Carey (The Unwritten)
Katriona Chapman (Katzine)
David Allison (Mindless Ones)
Mazin Saleem (Kraken Podcast)
Chrissy Williams (Over the Line)
J. A. Micheline (Comics Alliance)
Mark Stafford (The Man Who Laughs)
Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine)
Kelly Kanayama (Women Write About Comics)
Hannah K Chapman (Comic Book Slumber Party)

Hosted by Joel Janiurek (Barbican Comic Forum)

Discussions on Meaning, Art and Diversity.

Free admission.

5 – 8pm
Saturday 6th February 

Barbican Library
Barbican Centre
Silk St


PANEL 1: Meaning
5 – 5:50pm
Chrissy Williams, J. A. Micheline, Kelly Kanayama and Mike Carey
What is the best way for comics to communicate meaning? Is meaning put there by the creators or by the readers? Can comics mean anything to anyone? Are the best comics the ones where the meaning is tightly controlled or where you’re free to create your own meaning? Is the best comic ever a blank piece of paper?

PANEL 2: Art 
6 – 6:50pm
David Allison, Hannah K Chapman, Katriona Chapman and Mark Stafford
How important is artwork to comics? How much does writing matter? Does it matter if someone is a bad artist or is it all about freedom of expression / the power of imagination? How much difference does art make to a comic anyway? Do better artists make better comics?

PANEL 3: Diversity
7 – 7:50pm


Alison Sampson, Kieron Gillen, Mazin Saleem and Ramsey Hassan

Is representation in comics important? Should characters in stories be diverse? Should comic creators be diverse? Should all representation be positive? Can negative representation ever be a good thing? And why does this representation stuff matter anyway? What difference does it all make?

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