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The thing is, beyond ‘higher sales of the actual comics which have only declined over the last twenty odd years give or take a few blips.’, I don’t really know what else the comics community wants at this point and all things considered, I’m finding the whole ‘BOO THE CRITICS NOT LIKING A MOVIE I HAVE AN INTEREST IN!’ reaction on Social Media fairly…

Yeah, okay, I’ll say it.

It’s fucking embarrassing.

 And I’m saying this about a group of people who think defining themselves by publishing houses is a good idea, or get upset on Marvel’s behalf because Marvel sold some of their properties to Fox.

First off, let’s all thank the people behind the deal between Sony & Marvel back at the turn of the century. Without that initial deal, there’d be no Avengers films, no Iron Man, no Gotham, no Jessica Jones/Daredevil, Suicide Squad, Arrow etc, etc. Without that renewed interest in the franchises, you’d have less cosplayers bringing a new influx of money & interest in the concepts, probably no Lego versions of Batman, Avengers in game and toy form, no Marvel Legends toys…

In fact, thinking about it, it’s fair to say that the comic world finally got over it’s ‘lesser artform for freaks’ status this century, and only the appalling lack of self esteem from the readership and abuse of said readership from publishers has been holding said world back.

Beyonce was wrong, Girls don’t run the world. Fans do. Every once in a while we have to put up with ‘Are you like “Big Bang Theory”, then?’ (As much as ALL OF AUSTRALIA IS LIKE CROCODILE DUNDEE!, Yes, mate.) but that’s as hard as it gets being a comic fan in 2016. The Walking Dead, Sin City, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Powers, Doctor Strange… The smartest, the sexiest, the brightest are lining up to wear the spandex, to dress as the dead, to learn the history, to be part of the legacy of the Marvel or DC or other universes. It’s probably easier to pitch a film based on a comic these days than anything else and there are no sides of it slowing down.

People on comic forums even complain how easy it is to get into comics these days, and make up self important titles for themselves like ‘Real Fan’. Like you’re not a ‘real’ book reader unless you’ve read all of Dan Brown’s work. You’re not a REAL person who likes music unless you’ve heard all of Beethoven’s B-Sides.


You? Watched Television last night? Don’t talk to me about ‘The Nine O’Clock News’ until you saw ALL of ‘The Prisoner’, mate. Lightweight.

And STILL, THIS is apparently not enough. Like even with the glamour, the acceptance, the films, the merch, the tv shows….

Everyone’s still waiting for the fat kid to bully them by singing the Batman theme tune from the 60’s in a sarky manner.

Because this is a community that has everything now, including the odd trait that religion shares that it should be totally free from criticism from any quarter. And any criticism will be met with incredible venom.

Alan Moore suggests that there is a problem with the root of super-hero culture (Which there is. Its essentially an apathy that allows ‘Higher Beings’ to sort your problems out with you.) and quickly the fandom rummages through every last word or deed Alan ever committed to try and undermine any opinion he has (whilst rapidly ignoring his accidentally creating the trade paperback market which everyone in said community benefits from.)

I honestly wish I could remember who the British actress was last year who uttered the blasphemy ‘I’m a bit bored of super-hero films’, but again, OUTRAGE! HOW DARE SHE? THE COW, WHEN SHE’S NEVER EVEN BEEN IN ANYTHING AS GOOD AS IRON MAN 2?!?!111

And now, the critics have….and the gall is incredible, I know, have suggested ‘Batman Vs Superman’ isn’t very good. In their opinion as film critics rather than the human press release vending machines they’re apparently meant to be.

Quickly, there have been attempts to discredit these so called ‘critics’. Why, sometimes one critic will like something and another won’t. Sometimes they might like a film now and…change their minds later. Don’t worry, gang, you make your own mind up, we’ll show them by ignoring them but writing lots of theories on why you can’t trust those self appointed critics (Unless they like the same movies as us, OBVS!)

This is weak, it’s embarrassing and it’s transparently self-serving. If the comics community wants to be taken seriously, then it has to accept that it’s output exists on the same level as other films and will be reviewed as such. It doesn’t get a special pass because it happens to feature a bloke in a cape.

Don’t ask yourself why this reviewer is trying to bring down ‘your’ movie. Ask yourself why you haven’t grown up enough to understand not everyone likes the same films as you.

Save the tribal lunacy for the other lot who believe in super-powered men from another place.


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