The Whinge Bucket Presents / So It Turns Out…



I have a multitude of unpopular opinions; the following is one of them.
Actually, spoilers do reduce my enjoyment of the story you festering nob.

Are you one of those people who pulls the “well that shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the thing” or “if its really good you should enjoy it anyway” or god forbid “spoilers are just information”? Well you are in the right place because ol’ uncle Whinge Bucket is here to tell you why you are living your life wrong.

Here’s the thing matey, bar a severe head wound, a spoiler is irreversible. Your blathering on social media has just made the thing you enjoyed worse for all the people that were planning to read it tonight after work. What did you gain from spouting plot points on the Internet? I can’t get my head around the mind-set that makes people ruin things. All you are doing is saying that you think your feelings or insight is more important then the media itself, how mesmerizingly egotistical is that?

No! There is no statute of limitations, these artworks last forever, and so should their mystery. I don’t care if it’s a stupid Superman comic from ‘65 or the latest GOT, just don’t discuss it on public forums. What ever you had to say can wait till you are among people who have experienced it or aren’t going to read it, it really really wasn’t that important. “I liked it” or “give it a miss” (Delete as applicable) is all your friends, followers or hangers on need to know.

Again. You are not more important than the story.

(Spoilers for Captain America: Steve Rodgers inbound, Ironic but unavoidable)

Hail Hydra

In issue #1 Cap “killed” some bloke then revealed that he was dabbling in being a Nazi boy. This is fine. There is always an issue where they turn evil. I have not read the comic, I doubt I ever will. But I know everything of weight that happens. Which is a pain… but not my point. The good, honest, Trump voting underbelly of Marvel’s readership found out and began firing the standard death threats at incredible volume. Percentage wise how many of them do you reckon had read the book? Do you think it would have played out differently if they had not already set their minds on hating everyone involved?
Personally, I do. By telling people how to feel about something you can defiantly change how they feel about it. Imagine if that series had played out in a culture where arseholes don’t think that they can ruin what is, per minute, one of the most expensive pastimes going. Maybe the same people who were so angry that they threatened the team with death would have enjoyed the book a little? Maybe not? But they never got a chance.

I may never watch The Sixth Sense or Madam Butterfly or Citizen Kane or the original Planet Of The Apes but I still know the endings. Nobody from my generation can enjoy these things the way they were designed to be and that really sucks.

“But Uncie Whinge!” I hear the baying morons riposte “Studies have shown that some people enjoy media more after its been spoiled!” well good for them… except those freaks can just find a plot synopsis, talk to an arsehole or look briefly at my Twitter. Meanwhile the worthwhile portion of the population can read the fucking book after work the way God intended.

Consider the choir preached to.

Sam Head, ill gotten, spoiled rotten.

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