S.M.A.S.H. LSCC COMIC CON / 2017 / Recordings


F. D. Lee (The Pathways Tree) @faithdlee
Sarah Millman (Heart of Time) @Heart_of_Time
Mazin Saleem (Strange Horizons) @maybemazin
Matilda Dawes (University of Westminster) @matilda_dawes

Hosted by Joel Janiurek (Barbican Comic Forum) @gocomplex

How does reading comics help us create a sense of identity?
How do positive and negative depictions of people like us affect how we think and feel?
Is it possible for us to understand and empathise with characters who aren’t like us?
In what ways is the concept of “identity” helpful and in what ways is it unhelpful?

Hosted by Joel Janiurek (Barbican Comic Forum)

Recorded at London Super Comic Con’s Panel Room 2 / Islington Business Design Centre on Saturday 26th August

Read the original pitches here.

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