Events / Dalston Comics (Creators) Club General Meeting

Message From Kieron & Dalston Comics (Creators) Club:

  • DC(c)C Annual General Meeting
  • Monday 10th June 6:30 – 7.45
  • Dalston CLR James Library
  • Dalston Square, Dalston, London E8 3BQ

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This is NOT a ‘Dalston Comic (creators) Club’ session, more of a ‘Collective’ AGM. I would really like you all to attend, if you can!

If you are on this thread/ have attended a session/ contributed to an anthology/ tabled at an even with Dalston Comics, then this is the opportunity for you to have your say in the future of the Dalston comic (creators) club/ Collective.

The idea is that we would re-examine the Mission Statement:

‘The mission of the Dalston Comic (creators) Club, is to provide an environment that fosters creativity and an open community, where every session can be someone first, where attendees / members learn from each other, in order to develop their sequential narrative skills’.

And set agenda for who we are! what we do! and what we want!

Plan a strategy for the future of the DC(c)C and set out the role that individuals within the Collective play.

  1. Plan the running of future sessions
  2. Establish how we promote Dalston Comics/ Club/ Publications/ Events….
  3. Agree on the output for the next Publications/ event (HCZF).
  4. Look at potential alliances
  5. Look at potential crossover event
  6. Look at funding
  7. Look at the potential of a second club
  8. Any other business

If I’ve missed anything that you want to cover please let me know before Monday morning and I’ll ad it to the agenda, or if you have any info that might help on the points listed or any over thoughts, please send those on too, and I’ll Include them.

The next regularly scheduled DC(c)C group meeting is on Monday 24th June.

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