Events / Westminster Comic Book Drawing Club Intro session

Westminster Reference Library Comic Book Drawing Club
11:30am – 1:30pm
Third Saturday of every month
Upstairs of the Westminster Reference Library
35 St Martin’s St, London WC2H 7HP, UK (map)

A new group focused on the craft of  actually putting pen to paper, and doing some drawing. Perfect for beginners, or chronic procrastinators. The aim is to help to build up confidence in your own drawings, getting into a routine, socialising with other artists in the same position, finding out about the wider comics creators community, and aiming to produce something every month.
The library encourages attendees to use the collection from their arts library section into their work. And attendees are encouraged to take turns leading the group in an activity or theme of their own choosing, ideally tackling an area that are struggling with themselves.

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